• Sharjah Youth set up this electronic website to be an effective window to explore its centers spread across the Emirate of Sharjah, and the services they provide to youth; this website also serves to provide information to all website visitors and users at the local and international levels. As such, the website management has set out a number of terms and principles which, together, constitute a code for users and visitors that serve to strengthen the relationship between the website on the one hand and the beneficiaries and users on the other. This leads to providing better services that help achieve bigger benefits from all the content and information available on the website.
  • In light of the above, an electronic website for Sharjah Youth in the Emirate of Sharjah, in the UAE, referred to herein as Sharjah Youth website or the website, is available for your personal use, and as such your access and usage of the website is subject to the items and conditions of usage enforced in the Emirate of Sharjah and the UAE. Additionally, your access and entry to the website is done with unconditional and unrestricted consent to the terms and conditions of usage, whether you are a registered user or not. Such consent is in force from your first visit or your first usage of the website.
  • One of the important objectives of the website is to be the media and knowledge façade for Sharjah Youth and to facilitate its services to beneficiaries by providing smooth electronic services. In addition, the website aims to raise awareness, disseminate knowledge and ensure participation, as well as principled and constructive dialogue, and constructive building of youth skills and talents. It also reflects the role of Sharjah Youth Centers on the path of sustainable youth development in general, and putting Sharjah Youth Centers among the ranks of exceptional organizations worldwide in particular. Accordingly, your usage of everything available on the website is meant for scientific, knowledgeable and cultural enrichment; this, in turn means that the usage of any information on the website is the responsibility of its users and visitors.
  • Usage of the website includes a number of terms and conditions which are subject to continuous updates and changes, if needs be. Therefore, any modifications or updates of any such terms and conditions shall take effect the moment they are approved by the website management. This necessitates that you continue to review the terms of usage and disclaimers so that you are aware of any updates or changes to the same, and by continuing to use such a website you declare your full knowledge and consent of any modification applied to the terms and conditions of usage. Bearing in mind that such terms and conditions guarantee property rights, and the website management is not required to announce any updates or amendments to such terms of usage.

2. Restrictions of Usage of Sharjah Youth Website

By using Sharjah Youth website, you agree to refrain from the following:

  • Providing or downloading files that contain software, materials, data or other information that are not owned by you or which you are not licensed to use.
  • Using the website to send commercial or unauthorized emails, or any other similar abuse of the website.
  • Providing or downloading files which contain viruses or damaged data to the website.
  • Publishing, posting, sharing or circulating pieces of information that contain defamation, violation for laws, sexual material, or any other unlawful materials through Sharjah Youth website which are deemed to be against Islamic teachings or the general code of ethics.
  • Taking part through the Sharjah Youth website in illegal or unlawful activities in the UAE.
  • Advertising through Sharjah Youth website about any products or services that make Sharjah Youth appear as a violator of any laws or systems applicable in any field.
  • Using any means, programs or procedures to intercept or attempt to intercept the proper operation of Sharjah Youth website.
  • Executing any procedure that may impose an unreasonable, large or improper burden on the infrastructure of the Sharjah Youth website.

3. Links From and To the Website

Links from other websites to Sharjah Youth website

  • Apart from what is mentioned below, it is prohibited to transfer or copy any of the contents of Sharjah Youth website or create any electronic links related to it or display any of the same within a frame.
  • It is permitted to include links related to Sharjah Youth website at any other website whose objectives and general orientation does not conflict with the objectives, policies and frameworks of the Sharjah Youth website.
  • Under no circumstance shall Sharjah Youth be considered a participant or engaged in anything whatsoever be it signs, logos, commercial or service codes or any other means used or which appear on the websites linked to Sharjah Youth website or any of its contents.
  • Sharjah Youth maintains its full right to suspend or obstruct any link whatsoever from any website containing improper, defamatory, obscene, sexual, unacceptable or unlawful issues; or any names, materials or information that violates any laws or breach any intellectual property rights, privacy rights or public rights.
  • Sharjah Youth reserves the right to intercept any unauthorized engagement whatsoever, and it shall not bear the responsibility of any contents provided on any other website that can be accessed through and to the website.

Links from Sharjah Youth website to other websites

  • Contact links to other portals or websites are provided with the aim of making it easy for website users and visitors. Sharjah Youth, its centers, and website management, are not responsible for the content, the credibility of linked portals and/ or websites, and Sharjah Youth does not accredit their contents. Hence, using any of these links to access such websites or portals is done on your own full responsibility.
  • We aim to replace any dead links, which do not operate on other websites. Since we have no control over links, we cannot guarantee that such links will continuously operate.

4. Protection from viruses

  • The website management exerts all efforts to examine and test the contents of the website during all work phases. We advise you to always operate anti-virus program(s) to protect you against all the materials downloaded from the internet. We shall not bear any responsibility of losses, disconnection or damages to your data or your computer, which may happen while accessing the website or while using any material or content within the website.

5. Quitting Complaints

  • Sharjah Youth website, the services provided by it, and the information, materials and functions available on it, or which can be accessed through it, are provided for personal usage "as is" and "as is available" without any note, promises or guarantees of any kind. We cannot guarantee or bear the responsibility of any disconnection, errors or transgressions that may happen as a result of using the website, its contents or any website linked to it, whether we are informed or not.
  • Sending any communication or information sent by users or visitors through the website does not give users of visitors the right to own the same, not does it guarantee confidentiality. In addition to this, any general usage or interaction provided through the website does not guarantee any rights, licenses or privileges of any kind for the users or visitors. The quitting by Sharjah Youth of any rights allowed to it and determined within these terms in part or in full on occasion or in certain situations does not mean continued and spontaneous quitting of any rights in part or in full on occasion or in certain situations.

6. Scope of responsibility and its limits

  • The electronic services provided through Sharjah Youth website through the internet, and obtaining information about the centers, programs, events and activities are only provided to facilitate access to information. Hence, you admit of your full knowledge that communications through the internet may be interfered or intercepted by others. As such, accessing the website remains your own responsibility, and the website does not bear under any circumstances the responsibility of any loss or harm you sustain because of your usage, visit or of your adopting any statement, opinion, announcement or whatsoever may result in operational issues, or result in disconnection or internet access problems, or equipment failure or software breakdown, or affect the behavior or ideas of a person accessing the website. Therefore, you approve and agree that your sole exclusive means to address any harm or loss that may happen as a result of your entry and usage of the website is to refrain from using or accessing the website, or to stop using the website altogether.

7. Compensation

  • Upon using the Sharjah Youth website, you therein consent not to embark on any procedures against Sharjah Youth or any of its centers, Rubu' Qarn for Creating Leaders and Innovators or any of its affiliated departments; and you agree to exonerate Sharjah Youth and all entities affiliated to it, and any of the staff in charge of managing, maintaining, updating or presenting its website, of any responsibility that may arise in connection with any complaints about your violation of the terms and conditions of usage, or any of the laws in force whether in the UAE or the place where you reside.

8. Ending Usage

  • The website management has the full right to end, restrict, or suspend your right to access or use the website without any previous notice and for any reason including violation of terms and conditions of usage, or any other behavior deemed by the website management, at its discretion, as unlawful or harmful to others. In the case of ending of usage, you will not be permitted to access the website.

9. Property Rights

  • All the materials and the content published on the website and the websites affiliated to it, if any, are subject to intellectual property rights, this includes texts, drawings, photographs, software, designs among others.
  • The website management allows users and visitors to view and browse the website's pages and to print pages for personal usage.
  • The ICT Department at Sharjah Youth technically supervises the website and all the materials available on it, including texts, drawings, photographs, information, and software (contents), designs among others, and all such content is protected by virtue of publishing rights, brands and other forms of property rights.
  • As one of the main objectives of the website is to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge for the website's users and visitors, then non-profit usage and personals user are allowed to benefit from the content on the website and any other published information on the website, in such cases, users are required to mention and refer to Sharjah Youth website as the source of that content and information.
  • In cases of personal usage, you are permitted to print any part(s) of the content. However, it is totally prohibited to sell, license, rent, copy, clone, reprint, download, announce, transfer, distribute, publicly display, edit or create any works based upon any materials or contents of the website for audiences and commercial purposes. Therefore, any general usage of parts of the content requires previous written consent from the website management at Sharjah Youth in the UAE, stressing that any such usage must comply with the UAE laws of intellectual property protection in addition to the terms and conditions of this document.
  • It is totally prohibited to modify any of the website's content in any way. Additionally, the drawings and photographs available on the website are protected by virtue of publishing rights, as such, it is prohibited to copy or exploit such contents in any way without previous written consent from the website management.
  • When using any of the content on Sharjah Youth website, you must always mention the source.

10. Governing Law and Judiciary Reference

  • Upon using the website, you agree to be subject exclusively to the judiciary authorities of the Emirate of Sharjah in relation to all complaints and disputes which may arise by using such the website. Be aware that the Arabic language shall be the official language used to settle any disputes arising from your usage of the website and any of its contents.

11. General Terms

  • All the materials and information available on the website are educational and are related to the programs offered by Sharjah Youth and its centers, all of which are non-profit.
  • Arabic is the main language for using the website and benefitting from all published content on its pages. The aim of any translations of such content is to provide an additional service to uses and visitors. As such, available translation(s) should not be considered as reliable when it comes to interpreting any disputes about any of the website's content
  • All regulations and laws published on the website, whether related to Sharjah Youth or other authorities, may be subject to translation in an effort to interpret their meanings, and with the aim of providing an additional benefit to users and visitors. However, the Arabic text for all such regulations and laws shall be the first and official reference, as such, you cannot depend on any interpretive translations to elicit any information or details.
  • The website contains a number of channels and tools for electronic participation (e-participation), such as forums, questionnaires, comments on published content, blogs, voting system, visitor comments, personal membership, SMS messages, and toll-free services around the clock. As such, the website management has set out a number of measures and restrictions related to using all of the electronic participation channels, in order to guarantee the high benefits desired with regards to e-participation principles. As such, your usage of these channels shall be considered as permanent consent to the measures and restrictions of their usage as set out by the website management.
  • The website management has the full right to delete or to not publish any comments or participations by website users or visitors that are deemed as inappropriate.
  • Should you have any inquiries or comments about this Privacy Policy and Information Confidentially document or the User's Code and Terms of Usage, you may communicate with the website management via the following email it@sy.shj.ae.

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