Renting Sharjah Youth Centers Facilities

Regulations and Procedures for Using / Renting Sharjah Youth Centers Facilities

Targeted Groups

  • Public and private schools
  • Approved and licensed educational organizations
  • Certified and licensed trainers
  • Other concerned community organizations

Regulations and Procedures for Using / Renting Sharjah Youth Center Facilities

  • Bookings must be made at least two weeks in advance.
  • Renting fees must be paid at least two days before using / renting the facility.
  • A facility is considered rented the moment the lessee enters it.

Request Submission

  • Applications must be submitted through our website or in person at the relevant center, and an application form for using / renting the facilities needs to be filled out.
  • All the required documents below must be submitted:
  • Passport copy of applicant or entity representative.
  • Emirates ID copy of applicant or entity representative.
  • Trade license and proof that applicant represents said entity.
  • Deposit of AED 500 per facility. This amount is refunded if there are no damages to the facility upon leaving it.
  • Applicant or entity representative must sign the regulations and procedures document for using / renting the facility.
  • Booking fees must be paid in cash or by bank transfer to Sharjah Youth Centers account before using the facility.
  • Be sure to obtain all receipts and keep them in a safe place.

Use / Rent Timings
Sharjah Youth Centers' facilities are available for use / rent from 09:00am to 2:00pm every day except Fridays and public holidays.

Rental Fee

FacilityCost per hourNumber of Hours
Indoor sports hall 200 1
Outdoor grassy playground 250 1
Swimming pool 400 1
Theater 200 1
Multipurpose hall 200 1
Library 200 1
Arts Lab 200 1
Electronic Games Room 200 1
Robotics Lab 200 1



  • Rubu' Qarn and other entities with whom Sharjah Youth Centers have signed cooperation agreements are exempt from use / rent fees.
  • When renting facilities for cultural purposes, kindly attach copy of lecturer's security approval along with a brief bio.
  • Second Party shall be fully responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during facility rental period and Sharjah Youth shall not be held liable in any form whatsoever.

Application to Use / Rent Sharjah Youth Centers Facilities

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Cultural Building:


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