Sharjah Youth is a youth-centered organization that focuses on creativity, innovation and early identification of talents from ages 13 to 18. It provides an environment to them where they can practice their hobbies and further develop their skills. 


The organization guides youth toward purposeful investment of their energy, by providing the support they need within an attractive environment where they can practice their hobbies and learn new skills. 


The long-term objective is to enable and empower youth and to qualify them to meet the challenges of the future and take on leadership roles.


Sharjah Youth is part of Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, which established in line with the UAE’s vision aimed at building knowledgeable and creative generations for the future.


Our Vision

A community partner in developing mindful and influential generations.

Our Mission

Unleash, develop and invest in the potential of the generations in an Emirati environment which inspires creativity and innovation through the design and delivery of programs, activities and events, which fulfill future requirements, in collaboration with local and international partners.

Our Values

Citizenship. Creativity. Innovation. Inclusion. Impact. Care. Sustainability.