Many exciting programs and workshops await you. 'Sharjah Youth' opens registration for its programs in November.

Many exciting programs and workshops await you. 'Sharjah Youth' opens registration for its programs in November.

In November, the 'Sharjah Youth,' affiliated with the Rubu' Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, will launch a set of programs and workshops that combine realism and virtuality. Based on its keenness to prepare future generations and qualify its affiliates from 13 to 18 years old.

For those interested in the field of performing arts Sharjah Youth will offer a workshop entitled 'Theatrical Writing' to teach participants the skills and styles of writing playwriting. According to each theatrical style, techniques will be determined in terms of dramatic and artistic elements. The participants will learn how to develop their theatrical talents and skills, accompanied by specialized academic trainers, and how to write theatrical text and turn it into reality through a visual presentation in the Theatre Arts Program \ "Script to Performance" Workshop. The opportunity to participate in the "Writing Competition for Youth Theater" is still open for talented and creative playwrights until October 30, 2021, and those wishing to participate should know the details by following the official pages of Sharjah Youth on social networking sites @shjyouth.

As for cinema and film production lovers, Sharjah Youth will launch the 'Production and Film making' workshop within the 'Art of Cinema' program. Through this workshop, the participants will produce a short film after they are introduced to the concept of film production and directing and the stages it will go through to produce and direct short films. 

Youth interested in the arts are also awaiting this month's "Endless Artwork creation by whiteboard" program; the participants will be trained on ways to produce an infinite number of contents using the board through drawing or writing on it, photographing it, and using simple applications through the smartphone to learn a number of technical and creative solutions to produce content that is simple, fun, attractive and ready for publication. Participants in the 'Painting on Coconut Shell' workshop will learn the skills of transforming the inner shell of coconut from an ordinary shell into a layer that can be painted and turn it into an art piece.

For those interested in technology, there is a list of interesting programs and workshops waiting for them, such as the 'VEX Robots' workshop to train participants on high skills for designing their own robot and advanced programming for both types of VEX robots (VEX EDR V5 & VEX IQ), using the 'Robotek' program. During the 'Do It Yourself' program, participants will be trained in programming Raspberry Pi and Arduino chips to qualify them and provide them with the skills necessary to produce their own projects. While participants in the '3D Design' program will learn how to design 3D shapes using the 'Fusion 360' program.

The November list includes many programs under the life skills track, like the "HAYAAKUM" program under the slogan "Tourist Guide." The participants will learn steps and skills that qualify them to be tourist guides and to guide tourists to the places in the Heart of Sharjah, showing the cultural and tourist heritage that it contains. In addition to offering special tours and field visits for tourist places in Sharjah. While the participants in the 'Art of Saving Money' program will learn the skills of expense management, the Art of saving, wise spending skills, and the skill of overcoming financial stress.

As for literary and reading lovers, we will present the "Book Club – Read" program in cooperation with The UAE Board on Books for Young People. Participants will have the opportunity to meet with one of the writers in a virtual session at the end of the month to discuss the book and express their views.

Sharjah Youth provides the opportunity to join it electronically by visiting the website, filling out the affiliation form, and joining the programs and workshops they prefer, in line with their needs and aspirations.


About Sharjah Youth

Sharjah Youth, affiliated with the Rubu' Qarn Foundation for Creating Leaders and Innovators, it's an organization that focuses on creativity, innovation, early detection of the talents of young people aged 13 to 18 years.

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